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Emerging with a passion for all things music, Kevin D. Johnson, known as Kvr., ventures out to the West Coast from Danville, Kentucky, settling in Los Angeles. With him, he brings a raw, fresh, vibrant gift for music, molded by the early influences of R&B. Reminiscing on one of his fondest memories of his family singing in the church choir, Kvr. says he discovered his desire to create his own musical imprint very early on. He soon found solace in the lyrics of Ludacris, John Legend and Kanye West, among many other greats. From watching videos of Kanye, Pharrell, and Ryan Leslie in the studio, he was inspired to start tinkering with audio production software Fruity Loops. By age 14,  Kvr. was DJing at parties and engaging in the music scene. Today, Kvr.’s sound ranges from indie and alternative to EDM, with R&B and hip-hop undertones always making an appearance in his pieces. He says, “My music is rich for the soul.” His artistry is profoundly experimental, as he explores many genres and musical styles.

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